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Over 50 celebrities share stories about the man in the hat - Molly Meldrum.
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Between 1972-1979, the Australian Popular Song Festival was the stepping
stone for Australian entrants in the World Popular Song Festival held
annually in Tokyo, Japan.

8th FESTIVAL: 1979 - Hosts: Marcia Hines & Daryl Braithwaite
Guests: Little River Band
Marcia performs – “My Life Is Music”
Daryl performs – “Why Do I Break It Up”
LRB perform – “Lonesome Loser”
Judging Panel includes Stan “The Man” Rofe, Ian “Molly Meldrum, Brian
May & Ron Tudor.
Finalists include song written by Graham Russell (Air Supply) and
performed by Russell Hitchcock entitled “Letting My Hair Down”, released
on their 1980 “Lost In Love” album as “Having You Near Me”
Winner – “Here & Now” written by Bernard Cashman performed by Delilah.

7th FESTIVAL: 1978 - Host: Barry Crocker
Guest: Julie Anthony
Barry sings “I Am The Storyteller”
Barry & Julie sing a medley of Australian songs that have had
international success.
Performances by Debbie Byrne, John St.Peeters, Little Pattie & Bryan Davies.
Composers include Doug Trevor (Cherokees) & Paul O’Gorman
Winner- “Loneliness” written & performed by Leon Berger.

6th FESTIVAL: 1977 - Host: Mark Holden
Mark Holden sings “I Write The Songs”
Performances by Marty Rhone, Normie Rowe, Chelsea Brown, Paul O Gorman,
Cheetah, Ronnie Burns, Lee Conway & Ray Burgess
Composers include Paul O’Gorman, Doug Trevor, Les Gock, Robbie Porter,
Marty Rhone, Stuart Peters, Roy Lister, Lance Strauss, John Clifford-White,
Peter Jennings & Adrian Scott.
Winner – “Ride Ride America” written & performed by Paul O’Gorman

5th FESTIVAL: 1976
Performers- Marty Rhone, Matt Flinders, Debbie Byrne, Ronnie Burns,
Denis Walter, Dove, Robin Jolley, Moir Sisters.
Songwriters include: - Beeb Birtles, Doug Trevor, Paul O’Gorman, Steve
Groves, Brian Dawe, Stuart peters, Rod Declerck, Bernard Cashman, Ray
Quon, Phil Gollata
(Winner in 1973) & Betty & Barry Henniger (winners in 1975)

Normie Rowe performs last years winning song “Elizabeth”.
Norm performed the song in Tokyo last year after John Paul Young was unable to attend.

4th FESTIVAL: 1975

3rd FESTIVAL: 1974

2nd FESTIVAL: 1973 - Host: Johnny Young
Performances by Johnny Farnham, Alison Durbin, Jamie Redfern, Colleen
Hewett, Philip Gould, Debbie Byrne, Ronnie Burns, Liv Maessen, Denis
Walter & Robin Jolley.
“Hitch a Ride on a Smile” – Jamie Redfern
Songwriters include John Farrar, Bruce Woodley, Phil Gollota, Doug
Trevor, Rob Ellis, Colleen Hewett, Danny Bourne, Peter Sullivan, Greg
Anderson, Bernard Cashman & Betty & Barry Henniger.

1st FESTIVAL: 1972
Winner – “Don’t You Know It’s Magic” written by Brian Cadd performed by
Johnny Farnham.

TV Week : KING OF POP Awards
Between 1967 – 1978 , the cream of Australian & International music
industry were recognized by the “King of Pop” awards. (In 1979 King Of
Pop became The TV Week Countdown Awards, in conjunction with the ABC’s
“Countdown” TV Show).
1967-1975 – 0-10 Network, 1976-1978 – 9 Network

Includes In augural winner Normie Rowe receiving his crown at “That’s
Life” night spot.

1971 Awards:
Hosts – Johnny Young, Ross D. Wylie & Jeff Phillips
Guests – Elton John, Liberace, Mark Wynter Derek Nimmo & Miss World.
Performers – Mark Wynter, Ted Mulry, Alison Durbin & Johnny Farnham

Winners of “King of Pop”
1967 & 1968 – Normie Rowe
1979 to 1973 – Johnny Farnham
1974 – Jamie Redfern
1975-1977 – Daryl Braithwaite
1978 – John Paul Young

1975 Awards includes a live performance by AC/DC of “High Voltage” as a
special favour for John Young.

1970 TV Special featuring songs from John’s first four albums, and footage
of his family & home life.

John sings 12 songs:
1. All Night Girl
2. I Don’t Want To Love You
3. Grand Unspeakable Passion
4. Woman Woman
5. Looking Through a Tear
6. Ain’t Society Great
7. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
8. Comic Conversations
9. Little Boy Dear
10. Old Bazaar In Cairo
11. Jamie
12. In a Moment of Madness

TV Special starring Jamie Redfern before departing for the USA on a
Liberace Tour.

Hosted by Jamie & Johnny Young includes the following complete performances:
1. Captain Zero – The Mixtures
2. The Pushbike Song – The Mixtures
( includes footage of Jamie & Debbie Byrne riding on pushbikes.)
3. Didn’t We – Alison Durbin
4. Try A Little Tenderness – Jamie Redfern
5. You Made Me So Very Happy – Lovelace Watkins
6. Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Lovelace Watkins
7. I Thank You – Jamie Redfern & Johnny Young
8. Day By Day – Colleen Hewett
9. I Gotta Be Me – Jamie Redfern
10. My Favourite Occupation – Johnny Farnham
11. Baby Without You – Johnny Farnham & Alison Durbin
12. No Place Like Home – Jamie Redfern

All 13 episodes of the TV Show hosted by Johnny Farnham & Colleen Hewett.

Special on Australian Popular Music from Johnny O’Keefe to INXS.

Nicole Kidman’s 2nd Movie appearance was in the telemovie: MATTHEW & SON
(after BMX Bandits)
The telemovie stars Paul CronIn, Greg Fleet & Nicole Kidman.

GO!!, UPTIGHT & HAPPENING ’70, ’71 & ‘72
Sadly only limited footage remains of these iconic Baby Boomer Australian
Music TV Shows.
Go!! Hosted initially by Alan Field (UK Comedian who hosted The Beatles
Tour in Australia in 1964).

Ian Turpie took over the reins after about 20 episodes and remained in
the chair until episode 100, when he moved to Channel 7 to be a regular
member of “Time For Terry”. Johnny Young was to host most of the remaining
episodes before leaving to try his luck in the UK.
Uptight , hosted by Ross D. Wylie commenced in September 1967 on the
0/10 Network running live to air every Saturday morning between 8.00am &
Noon in Melbourne and a variety of different time slots in other major cities.
In 1970 the same format with a different name “Happening” hosted by Jeff

Footage includes performances from Russell Morris’ acclaimed “Bloodstone”
Album, Normie Rowe, Sherbet, Twilights, Purple Hearts, Healing Force, Lyn
Randell & more.

International acts Eden Kane & Crispian St.Peters.

Barry Gibb interview by Ian ‘Molly” Meldrum from 1969.

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